About us

 Hello my name is William H. owner of Slogan RagTag Clothing, (267)270-5232 Phila. pa.

  Slogan Rag Tag Clothing is the brand that will help our customers express their 1rst. Amendment Right through our clothing and designs.

 I have been in love with  formulating  expression  through way of design and art my entire life. Slogan Rag Tag Clothing and our character "Sloga" is here to solidify expression.

 I was born in Augusta Ga. and lived in a small town outside of Augusta called Appling Ga. were i developed this way of expression and work ethic. I'm a firm believer that just because your town is small your mind don't have to be. I enjoy using art as a way of expression. Ernie Barnes well known for his Sugar Shack drawing featured on "Good Times" television show closing credits and cover art. I'm really inspired by this type of urban soulful art.

 Now i'm out to put my own twist on art, clothing, & expression enjoy this ride with me.